HypeJungle Provides services, support and tools to increase your chances of buying limited items related to the world of streetwear and beyond. “The secret of success is constancy to purpose.” -Benjamin disraeli
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Custom Monitor We provide our users with custom monitors developed exclusively by our developers, specifically designed to have the best performance in the European market. Our sitelist is vast and constantly updated, including: SNKRS (IT-UK-US-CN),Supreme, Shopify (DSML-Travis merch-Stussy...), Mesh sites, Aio sites...
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24/7 Support Our staff is composed of experienced botters, qualified staff for every possible event and they are always active and ready to help you solve your problems whenever you're in need.
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Exclusive partnerships Groupbuys? Giveaways? Partnerships with services? In HypeJungle you can find all of this, as we always try to satisfy our members with the best possible partnerships to help you to secure any item.
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Sitelists & Early links We provide our members with sitelists, bot guides and early links for all the sites you need, leaving nothing to luck.
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Eu Flips & Deals Not only do we deal with streetwear, but we are among one of the first groups in Europe to have also implemented monitoring of the best Amazon and Ebay offers, including flips, price errors and freebies.
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HypeJungle Success Here's our latest success. You could be next.
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